Monks Sponsorship


Monks Sponsorship

We are planning to build a monastery to accommodate up to 500 monks and novices. Our aim is to educate the young and Audemars Piguet Haute Joailleri Replica to help them practise the Buddha's doctrines.We greatly appreciate your generous donation which will not only help to spread the Buddha's spiritual message but also be beneficial to the community as a whole Hublot Replica Watches.



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Little Monks Sponsorship Scheme

The little monks are able to preserve and propagate the Tibetan Buddhist teachings. They usually come from poor families. The Buddhist monastery provide shelters for them. Besides basic needs, the monastery also teach these children about Buddhist teachings and train them to be a monk. 

Your donations will solely be used for Rolex Datejust II Replica supporting the basic needs, education and medical care for the little monks. Donors may choose to donate on a monthly or yearly basis. Alternatively, you may choose to donate your desired amount. Your name will be included in the daily prayer of the little monks and the merits go to you. 

According to the “Buddhist Scripture of Giving”, sponsoring the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma and monk) enable one to attain good health, longevity, happiness, peace and other merits. Your generosity in supporting these little monks would be greatly Bell & Ross Replica appreciated.




《佛說布施經》中提到,供養三寶可得身相端莊、氣力增盛、壽命延長、成就辯才及快樂安穩等功德利益,期望各位大德居士發心護持,小喇嘛每會為護持功德主誦讀修法, 並將功德迴向於您。

Little Monks Sponsorship Form Download