Message from Lama Kelzang


A Message from Lama Kelzang

"Ever since I visited the Milarepa Tower in Qinghai in 2007, I have had a dream to build a similar tower (Sekharguthok or Nine-storied Tower) in Bhutan. The Bhutan Government approved the project and we acquired a 12 acre site at Phuntsokling in Southern Bhutan not far from the Indian border.

We have now completed site formation and the Shrine Hall foundation. The Milarepa Tower has been raised to the second floor. Construction should be finished in two years.

We anticipate that, when finished, the Milarepa Tower will become an important spiritual centre as well as a major tourism and cultural attraction.

To build such a Tower will earn great merit for all who participate.

We are now trying to raise funds to make this project a reality.

Please give generously! May all be auspicious!






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